Expanded polystyrene

Excellent insulation, renowned since the 1950s for its versatility, affordability, and positive environmental impact.

Choose smart insulation; choose Bluefox™.

Be assured to receive the highest quality in insulation products. Look for the Bluefox™ logo on our products.

About Styro Rail

Founded in 1997, Styro Rail began operations with the aim of making basement living spaces in residential homes more comfortable. Following the development of several prototypes, the SR.F™ product hit the marketplace. Offering an alternative to traditional insulation methods, the SR.F™ garnered many prizes for its innovative qualities, notably the prize of excellence Habitas-Innovation 2000 at the Salon de l’habitation in Montreal.

Over the years, driven by the same desire to provide quality products, Styro Rail has developed a wide range of well-designed yet simple-to-apply insulation products.

Styro Rail employs a team of construction professionals, entrepreneurs, engineers, and architects who can address the most challenging technical aspects of projects and bring our clients’ boldest design concepts to life.

Styro Rail provides a comprehensive range of services essential for project completion: 3D design, custom part engineering, molded products, shop drawings, installation plans, prototypes, lamination, EPS bead filling, recycling, MTO and MTQ certifications, LEED® certifications, R&D consultations, and technical support for passive houses.

Customer experience

Fast delivery and accurate orders define the Styro Rail experience.