Expanded Polystyrene Lightweight Fill Block

Expanded polystyrene lightweight fill is used as backfill material underneath road infrastructures, bridge abutments, bridges and overpass access roads. Install the SR.EPSTM lightweight fill blocks when soil conditions are unstable or sloped to limit settlement, shifting, sliding or compressing underlying ground or when a higher compressive strength for existing conditions is necessary.

Prevents uneven frost heave from causing cracking and premature deterioration on pavement or concrete exposed surface. Reduces the weight placed on underground structures such as roads, rail and subway underpasses, as well as culverts, ducts and pipelines.

Indicated for applications requiring a lightweight and durable filler material such as site filling around constructions and for landscape projects with considerable level variations.

Blocs are available in a wide variety of compressive strengths varying from 40 kPa to 276 kPa [5.8 PSI to 40 PSI].


Compliant to the Requirements of the Ministries of Transportation

Respects the Cahier des charges et devis généraux [CCDG] – Infrastructures routières and the specifications of the 14301 standard [Tome VII, Polystyrène pour la construction routière] of the Ministère des Transports du Québec [MTQ]. Letter of conformity provided.

Respects the requirements of lightweight fill material of the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario [MTO].


Installation Plans

Installation plans included to facilitate the onsite installation.


Compressive Strength and Density

Meets the requirements of plans and specifications.

Compressive strength varying from 40 kPa to 276 kPa [5.8 PSI to 40 PSI].

Densities varying from 11.2 Kg/m3 to 38.4 Kg/m3 [0.78 lbs/ft3 to 2.4 lbs/ft3].



Prevents uplifting of the structures that may be exposed to frost, limits frost heave from causing cracking and premature deterioration on pavement or concrete exposed surfaces.



Serves as backfilling material underneath residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural garage concrete slabs.