Foundation Insulating Panel

Expanded polystyrene grooved panel to insulate the inside of the foundation with a continuous thermal envelope. Grooves for the 2×4 wood studs at every 406 mm [16] or 610 mm [24] o.c. Solid fixation to concrete wall with metal brackets.


Metal Brackets

Included in each panel and used to fasten the panel to wall.


Pre-Cut Lines

Strategically places, facilitates cutting the panel on site.


Air Tight and Stable for Life

Perfect overlap between panels due to ship lapped joints.


Fastening the Panels

Using a metal brackets and a power-actuated tool, the panel is fastened to the foundation wall.


Inserting the Studs

The 2×4 studs are easy to insert into the existing channels.


Leveling the Studs

Once leveled, the studs are then attached with wood screws through the metal brackets.


Outside Corner

Horizontally installed studs are used to finish the outside corner and provide solid backing.


Inside Corner

The insertion of a stud in the inside corner facilitates the installation of the gypsum and vapour barrier.


Simplified Installation

The 1-½’’ gap eases the installation of electrical boxes and wires.