Type 2 Insulating Panel

Versatile expanded polystyrene type 2 insulating panel used to insulate all surfaces from the foundation to the roof. Insulate the interior or exterior surface of foundation walls, above and below grade, the interior or exterior of framed walls, underneath the basement finished concrete slab and concrete slab of residential garage, flat and cathedral ceilings as well as flat and sloped roofs. Also used to insulate underground drainage pipes, on landscape areas without vehicule circulation.

Higher insulating value available with the graphite EPS.

Square, ship lap and G-Lock™ joints available.


Foundation Wall - Exterior Insulation

Excellent resistance to freezing and thawing of water and humidity. Ideal for below grade applications.


Foundation Wall - Interior Insulation

Breaks  the thermal bridges from the inside of the wall before the installation of the 38 mm x 64 mm [2″x3″] or 89 mm x [2″x4″] stud wall insulated with batt.  Ideal for renovations. Achives the building codes requirements for thermal bridges with simply 25mm ([1’’] of inuslation [R4].


Framed Wall - Exterior Insulation

Breaks the thermal bridge with only 25mm [1’’] of inuslation [R4].


Framed Wall - Interior Insulation

Breaks the thermal bridge from the inside with only [1’’] of inuslation [R4]. Ideal for renovations.


Finished Basement Slab

Improves the general comfort level of the basement: increases the temperature of the concrete slab, reduces the risks of condensation along the surface of the concrete and creates a dryer basement environement.

Offers a rigid surface for the traditionnal installation of the vapour barrier film.


Concrete Slab for Residential Garage

Appropriate for standars residential garages. Offers a compressive strength of 110 kPa [16 PSI].


Drainage Pipes

Pipes located below grade under landscaped areas where there is no vehicule circulation.


Flat Roof

Panels installed in 1 or 2 layers. Insulates the structure of flat roofs [straight or sloped trusses/joists towards the drain].

Several thicknesses available to achieve the highest of insulation requirements.



Sloped Roof

Insulate the trusses before the installation of the roof cladding.


Cathedral and Flat Ceiling

Continuously insulate the trusses from the interior. Ideal for renovations.


Square Joint

Square joints for underneath concrete slab applications. Joints offer greater flexibility when handling the product.


2 Sided Ship Lap Joints

Ship lap joints on 2 sides for walls that are 2.44m [8’] high and under. Panels offer square joints at the top and bottom of the wall.


4 Sided Ship Lap Joints

Ship lap joints on 4 sides for walls that are 2.44m [8’] and over. Allows for the overlapping of panels in all directions.

Ship lap joints on 4 sides for roof panels with 1 or 2 insulation layers.


G-Lock™ System

Notched joints limiting movement of the panels from one to another. Alternative to square joints for under concrete slab applications.